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Scan the list below.  The tasks outlined specify most trades and supplier necessary to build a house.  Your project will require some of these tasks... maybe only one.  Our job is to understand what you are trying to accomplish and to find the most efficient, economical, value engineered approach to meet your need.  THIS IS OUR BRAND.  Simply make the call, identify your need and we'll assist in determining a plan to address the project including price.  We'll service ANY project whether you feel is minor or major.  Most times the question is where do I begin?  By way of example, consider a structural concern at your home.  You have substantial settlement in an area of your home and you can tell by gaps and crack in your drywall.  Now What ? Is it termite damage or is it deterioration of a structural beam or something more substantial?  In all likelihood you need a structural engineer.  You do you call?  You need to size a new beam, build a temporary structural wall, possibly cut of modify floor joists.  You may need to disconnect and reconnect utilities.  You need to obtain a permit.  So who do you call and how do you approach this project properly and in the most economical fashion?  Your call is to Manor Ventures.

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Over 40 trades and material suppliers noted here 


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