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For inspiration, take a look at This is a wonderful platform where you can get some great ideas on home remodeling, design, and building. It's a great resource especially if you are a visually oriented person… thousands of pictures for interior and exterior fit, finishes, and outdoor living.

For nearly 20 years our company has provided a source to generate permit ready architectural design. This includes a professional set of specifications and direction on choosing the right builder to meet your needs. YES, you can get that cost effective architectural design service from a SPECIALIZED Real Estate company.

Design should always be accomplished with a budget in mind. Many times architectural designers simply keep drawing to accomplish their clients wish list only to arrive at the finish line with a house that exceeds the budget by $50,000 or more. Also remember that you must design to the physical characteristics of the home site.

More importantly, the home site should accomodate specifically what you are trying to accomplish. Of course the cost to improve the lot is a critical component in determining the final budget as well. The bottom line… seek competent advice right out of the gate. Building is a very detailed involved and rewarding process.

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